Mar 212020
Grove Hill Evangelical Church Sunday Services Services on Youtube

Sadly, due to the spread of Coronavirus in the UK, we have had to again postpone all church social activities for the time being, including our regular Sunday worship Download the 2017 calendar.

In the meantime we will be broadcasting our modified Sunday services on Youtube.

Our live services will begin at 11am each Sunday Download Bakery 3.

  • The HOME tab is where you will be able to see our live broadcast keyshot 8 material.
  • The VIDEO tab will show all our saved recordings.
  • The PLAYLIST tab will show videos we have collected together, for example worship songs Cangoru download.

We will be developing the channel further over the coming weeks, and we will update this page to keep you informed.

Let us know if you have any feedback here Respond 1997 for free download.