Martin Hull – Pastor

M&CI was born and brought up in Woodford Green, Essex, one of 6 children 아이폰 셀룰러 데이터 다운로드. My Dad was an architect and college lecturer, and my Mum was a teacher.

My parents were both very committed Christians and I was taught the truth of God’s love for us in Jesus all through my childhood 신암행어사 전권 다운로드. Although I knew the Christian message it did not become real to me until my Dad suddenly died when I was 20. This was a very traumatic time for my Mum and for the whole family, but God used it to bring me to face the reality of His unchanging love through Christ in a very shaky, uncertain world Download at dawn.

When I left school at 18 I soon began work within management in the contract cleaning industry. I continued working in this sector of business for over 20 years before becoming a Church Pastor Download dolphin videos.

I trained for the Christian ministry at London Theological Seminary in North London and worked part time as a Pastor’s Assistant in my local church (Woodford Evangelical Church) for 6 years until I took up my current role here at Grove Hill in October 2001 미션 임파서블 다운로드.

I met my wife Corrie, a local French teacher, at church where we were both involved as youth leaders in our 20s; we were married in 1983. We work very closely together in the church and enjoy walks in the Essex countryside 고전게임 nox 다운로드. We still live in Woodford and have 3 grown up children, Matthew, Rachel and Laura.

Michael Adesanya – Assistant Pastor 

My faith journey began in 2009 when a friend invited me to church 톰 골드런 다운로드. At first, I saw the church as a social function but as a consequence of sitting under the preaching of the Bible and being active in a community of believers, by the grace of God, a year later I decided to fully commit and be baptised 스머프 다운로드.

After my Baptism, I had a clear desire to help serve within the church. This included being part of the welcome team, helping to stack chairs at the end of a service and holding Bible studies often with people of all ages Samsung Securities hts.

I later decided to study for a degree in theology where I felt the call for church ministry which was later confirmed by those in leadership.

I met my wife Abigail while serving as a youth pastor at a church in Kent 마이크로 소프트 프로젝트 다운로드. It, pretty much, took no time at all for us to discover that there was a connection and mutual desire to serve the church.

We got married in 2019 and had our first child, Zeke in 2020.

Becoming a husband and a father truly deepened my understanding of God as a Father. My wife and I are glad to be able to serve the church and look forward to doing so as long as we are able.