M&CMartin Hull – Pastor

I was born and brought up in Woodford Green, Essex, one of 6 children 아이폰 셀룰러 데이터 다운로드. My Dad was an architect and college lecturer, and my Mum was a teacher.

My parents were both very committed Christians and I was taught the truth of God’s love for us in Jesus all through my childhood 신암행어사 전권 다운로드. Although I knew the Christian message it did not become real to me until my Dad suddenly died when I was 20. This was a very traumatic time for my Mum and for the whole family, but God used it to bring me to face the reality of His unchanging love through Christ in a very shaky, uncertain world Download at dawn.

When I left school at 18 I soon began work within management in the contract cleaning industry. I continued working in this sector of business for over 20 years before becoming a ChurchPastor Download dolphin videos.

I trained for the Christian ministry at London Theological Seminary in North London and worked part time as a Pastor’s Assistant in my local church (Woodford Evangelical Church) for 6 years until I took up my current role here at Grove Hill in October 2001 미션 임파서블 다운로드.

I met my wife Corrie, a local French teacher, at church where we were both involved as youth leaders in our 20s; we were married in 1983. We work very closely together in the church and enjoy walks in the Essex countryside 고전게임 nox 다운로드. We still live in Woodford and have 3 grown up children, Matthew, Rachel and Laura.


Andrew Evans – Assistant Pastoram

Hi 톰 골드런 다운로드! I am a book-worming, coffee-guzzling, film-critiquing, sport-playing,
food-devouring Welshman named Andrew. Above all this, my most defining feature is that I’m a follower of Jesus 스머프 다운로드. What that doesn’t mean is that I’m perfect (sadly) or better than anyone else. What it does mean is that I’m convinced that a real man called Jesus really did die for me then come back to life Samsung Securities hts. So even as a child I recognised that I should listen to what this guy has to say.

Since then I’ve often tried to go my own way instead of following Jesus, but he has always lovingly brought me back 마이크로 소프트 프로젝트 다운로드. As a teenager I cared more about impressing my friends than pleasing God but through reading the Bible and spending time with Christians my age I saw that a relationship with God is far more fulfilling than all the popularity and approval in the world.

During my time after school I tried quite a few different jobs but there was always a draw towards church ministry in the background. I’m now so excited to have finished my training in theology and to be starting to serve at Grove Hill!

My wife Mel is a beautiful, Christ-like helper in my life. We met while serving together on a youth camp and just recently married in June 2016. We enjoy spending time in coffee shops, cooking together and the occasional surfing trip too!