Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

On the 6th of May we are starting a new evening series looking at what the Bible has to say about men, woman and relationships.

          • Are the characteristics of men and women basically the same and should their roles in the family, society and the church be interchangeable?
          • Should we now be approving of those who wish to have intimate same sex relationships?
          • Is being married in some way superior to being single?

Issues to do with our sexuality and our relationships as men and women have been hot topics in the media and in the wider church for many years.

This new Sunday evening series is aimed to help us understand something of what the Bible has to say in this area, and to guide us in our practice as individuals and as a fellowship.

  1. Sunday 6th May – An introduction to the Complementarian approach.
  2. Sunday 13th May – Marriage and singleness.
  3. Sunday 27th May – A Christian approach to homosexuality.
  4. Sunday 10th June – Women in Church Ministry.