Matthew Weston - Pastor

I’ve been the pastor of Grove Hill since July 2023, following the retirement of my predecessor. I’m married to Cat, and we have two daughters. Previous to this role I was an assistant pastor in the north east of England, and also had three years as a trainee minister in Oxford.

I trained at Oak Hill College in Southgate, north London, where my masters dissertation looked at the benefits of both historical and global theology for the 21st century church.

I believe that Jesus Christ truly is the best news possible for everyone, regardless of where you’re from, how much you earn, whether life is an unending struggle or full of successes – whether you are spiritual, religious, agnostic, atheistic, or a bit of everything.

My hope is that Grove Hill will be a place anyone can feel welcome and free to ask questions; where vulnerable people can feel safe; where the lonely can find a family; and where anyone can find true hope for eternal life.