Sunday Services


At Grove Hill we have two regular services each Sunday. The service contains a mixture of singing, prayer, reading the Bible and a talk explaining the passage of the Bible we are currently studying 어쌔신크리드 오디세이 다운로드.

A Sunday morning service

11 am Morning Service

Our morning service is the main gathering of the church and we welcome everyone to join us, whether you’ve been a Christian for some time or just want to explore what faith involves.  We have an average attendance of about 80 on Sunday mornings 강변호텔 다운로드.

Children are very welcome and there is a créche room with audio feed from the service available.  There are Bible classes for the 5 – 16 year olds foreign music. We serve refreshments after the main service so you can meet and get to know us.

We also hold a communion service once a month.

6.30 pm Evening Service

Our evening services are more informal with opportunities for questions and discussion 닷넷 프레임 워크 다운로드.  Once per month, our evening service is replaced by a prayer meeting.

We use the New International Version (NIV) Bible in all our services.