This sermon is part one of a new six-part series on prayer and the knowledge of God. The full series is below with the planned dates for preaching.

  1. 10th June 2012. How is prayer possible? The reality of prayer. (Martin Hull)
  2. 17th June 2012. Does God listen? The basis of prayer. (Andre Beck)
  3. 24th June 2012. How do we know what to say? The focus of prayer. (Peter Sharp)
  4. 8th July 2012. Does praying make any difference? The enabling of prayer. (Andre Beck)
  5. 15th July 2012. Jesus teaches us how to pray (part 1) – Asking for the glory of God. (Martin Hull)
  6. 22nd July 2012. Jesus teaches us how to pray (part 2) – Asking for the grace of God. (Martin Hull)

The first sermon is now available for download.

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