This year in July and August we will be hosting a summer book club.

We have selected a range of three books, each with a different area of focus on the Christian life, for us to read and then get together and discuss with others.

Sign up by 24th June to choose your book and start reading from 1st July, when they will be distributed. The meeting dates are:

All meetings will be at the church from 8pm

These are the books we have selected,

Humility – True Greatness

Humility. True Greatness

C. J. Mahaney paints a striking picture of the daily battle quietly raging within every Christian and asks whether you will passively accommodate the enemy of your soul, pride, or actively cultivate your best friend, humility. When you acknowledge the deception of pride and intentionally humble yourself, you become free to savor abundant mercies and unlikely graces. You will find a new life is yours—a life God richly favors. A God-glorifying life you don’t want to miss.

Seeing and Savouring Jesus Christ

Seeing and Savouring Jesus Christ

You’ve never met Him in person, and you don’t know anyone who has. But there is a way to know who he is. How? Jesus Christ – the divine Person revealed in the Bible – has a unique excellence and a spiritual beauty that speaks directly to our souls and says, “Yes, this is truth.” It’s like seeing the sun and knowing that it is light, or tasting honey and knowing that it is sweet.

Look at the Jesus of the Bible. Keep your eyes open, and fill them with the portrait of Jesus in God’s Word. Jesus said, “If anyone’s will is to do God’s will, He will know whether the teaching is from God or whether I am speaking on my own authority.” Ask God for the grace to do His will, and you will see the truth of His Son.

The Cambridge Seven

The Cambridge Seven(From Wikipedia)

The Cambridge Seven were seven students from Cambridge University, who in 1885, decided to become missionaries in China.

All seven had become born-again Christians and were moved by their beliefs to go to China in 1885 to spread these beliefs and to help the local population; most remained in or connected to missionary work for the rest of their lives. They were greatly influenced by Taylor’s book “China’s Spiritual Need and Claims”. After their acceptance into the China Inland Mission, the seven toured England and Scotland, preaching and appealing to their listeners to follow their example and follow Christ.