True Friendship

It’s that time of year again.

Hopefully the sun is out, the weather is hot and you would like nothing more than to sit back with a good book.

In previous years our Summer Read has provided a choice of books covering different topics.

This year Grove Hill is encouraging everyone to read the book True Friendship, by Vaughn Roberts.

See below for a short video about this great book by

In a culture where online communications and communities can be set up in seconds, it is striking that loneliness is still rampant. Even in the church, a place where we might hope for an oasis of love and acceptance, we can find interactions awkward and superficial.

It’s for this reason that Vaughan Roberts takes us back to the Bible, and challenges us to consider our need for true friendship. He’s both honest and clear in his approach as he shows us that knowing and being known by God is the hope we need to begin to deal with the sickness of our ‘self–love’ society.

So whatever the state of your friendships, take heart and take hold of this book – because as you do, you’ll see that we can live out our true humanity as we sacrificially love others for God’s glory.

Each chapter includes thoughtful reflection and discussion questions to help change us as we read, as well as practical suggestions for how we can make a real difference to our friendships.

If you would like to pick up your own copy of the book you can order one from the online bookstore, and it is available in paperback and ebook form. Paperbacks are £4.99 and the ebooks are £2.49.

For the paperback click here.

For the ebook in Kindle format click here.

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We are still in the process of putting together the timetable for the discussion groups so check back here for more details.