Mar 242016

The Easter story is full of shocks and surprises – good ones!

In a world where so much seems to disappoint us it is great to find something which is far greater than we could ever have expected tekken tag tournament. A bit like those folk on Antiques Roadshow who discover that an old family heirloom is worth thousands.

On the first Easter Sunday three women come with spices to anoint the body of Jesus 인크레더블 다운로드. They are anxious about moving the stone, which covers the entrance to his tomb. But the stone has been rolled away, the body has gone and there in the tomb is a young man in a white robe listening to niv English Bible! No wonder the gospel tells us that ‘they were alarmed’.

But the shock is a good one, as the young man explained:

‘You are looking for Jesus of Nazareth, who was crucified Windows MovieMaker 2.1. He has risen! … just as He told you’. (The Gospel of Mark Chapter 16 verses 6-7)

What we discover here is that Jesus is more than just a good man, a visionary or a prophet; rather He is the crucified and risen one 게임 디지털 다운로드.

Jesus gave himself up to crucifixion as a sacrifice – taking upon him the punishment for the sins of others – as one man might pay another man’s debt MacBook Chrome. Through Jesus we are ‘put in the clear’ with God.

Jesus rose again having overcome sin and death. He offers us a new relationship with our Heavenly Father through faith in himself toy story 다운로드.

Yes – the Easter story is full of good surprises. Our aim here is to help everyone to understand this.

So please come and find out for yourself Spore Hangul edition.

Martin Hull,
Pastor – Grove Hill Evangelical Church,
Grove Hill, E18 2HY
(020 8530 8396)