Hi Everyone,

Wow – what a fun day you had – thankyou all so much for taking part.

First of all – we really wanted you to enjoy the video and the song which help to explain in a simple way what the Easter Story is all about – and for those who had a go at making the Easter Garden – it helped to see it in 3D!

The empty crosses and the empty tomb celebrating Jesus death for all of us but then coming back to life again on Easter Sunday!!

Secondly – you’ll be wondering how you all did and who won the prizes. Well on the Egg Hunt, 12 teams completed the whole egg hunt, found every egg/letter and the 4 chicks and correctly placed all the letters in the write boxes – ‘JESUS DIED FOR ME’.

So Melinda and I had to put all the 12 team names into a draw to select 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners – watch this little video to see who won!


Here are all the photos of the Model Gardens submitted and you can see who were awarded the prizes 1st, 2nd and 3 joint 3rd prizes.

1st prize! Team Evan

1st Prize! Team Evan

2nd prize! Team Lemon Cools

2nd Prize! Team Lemon Cools

3rd Prize! (joint)
Team Humpty Dumpties
Team Crispin
Team Mead

The other brilliant entries

Join us on Easter Sunday

As part of our Easter celebrations we have a family service live-streamed on Sunday morning at 11am – we’d love for you to join us if you can.

God Bless

Phil and Melinda Hayden
On behalf of
Easter Story Event Team
Grove Hill Evangelical Church