Introduction – start here

Hi Everyone – below is everything you’ll need to take part in our Easter Story Event on Good Friday – the 2nd April.

Please send a photo of your Model Easter Garden and a Photo of your Egg Hunt completed score sheet to 6pm on Friday 2nd April.

Follow these steps carefully. If you get stuck and need some help, please call or text Phil on 07852 493515 and he will be glad to help.

There are two sets of instructions. The first set tells you how to take part on Good Friday. The second set tells you how to claim your prize.

Now follow the instructions below, beginning with step 1.

Step 1: Easter Garden (Do this any time this week)

Download instructions on how to create your model Easter garden. You can make this at any time during the week or make it on Friday itself.

Step 2: Watch this video first thing Friday 2nd April

This video won’t be available until 10am on the 2nd April. Make sure you watch all of this first before you do anything else on Friday!

Link to Youtube

Step 3: Egg Hunt

Download the instructions with score sheet for the egg hunt, and don’t forget to download the map too, so you know where to go.

You need to print the score sheet on A4 paper so you can record your answers in pen. You can print the map, or read it on your phone.

The eggs will be displayed in windows around the area only between 10am and 6pm on Friday 2nd April.

After the event – Important!

When you have completed the egg hunt, you need to follow these next steps in order to be able to win a prize!

Step 4 – Email your results

Now you need to email two things to

  1. A photo of your completed score sheet. Even if you didn’t spot all the eggs you can still try to solve the Easter phrase
  2. A photo of your model garden (if you made one)

Make sure you attach both items to your email!


1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes are being awarded for the three best gardens submitted and for the top three scoring Egg Hunt entries. If there are any tied scores, then these will be drawn out of a hat.

On Saturday 3rd April, we will be delivering your Easter goody bags and prizes – we will be delivering these to the address registered on EventBrite.

If you need help

Finally, if during the day on Good Friday 2nd April you get stuck and need some help, please call or text Phil on 07852 493515 and he will be glad to help.

Have fun!


The event is now finished. Click here to see the prize draw and winning model gardens.